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Elisabeth Nightingale of the Andromeda Galaxy

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Elisabeth Nightingale of the Andromeda Galaxy

Post by hannbells1 on Tue Jul 11, 2017 5:40 pm

Name: Elisabetta Bellezza Nightingale
Nickname(s): Elisa, Belle
Age: ~15000
Gender: Female
Rank: (formerly) 2nd Princess of Andromeda
Species: Renict

Skin tone: lightly tanned
Skin texture: soft except for the left side of her face, which is veiny in an almost cracked pattern
Hair color: Platinum Blonde
Eye color: Left is an off-white while the right is dark blue
Body shape: pear and slightly curvy
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 130 pounds
Accessories: diamond-studded gold choker; sunglasses (which she wears all the time)

Usual mood: polite and kind, but doesn’t socialize much
Positive traits: helpful, loyal, hard-working, loves deeply, open-minded/hearted
Negative traits: when betrayed or herself/friends get hurt, she is vengeful, cold, ruthless, holds grudges, loves deeply, etc.
Pet Peeves: betrayal, messy things, rude people
Fears: Losing friends whether it be by death or an end in friendship, her family/going home, failing someone, shadows, corners
Triggers: (in the beginning) taking off her sunglasses

Lightbearer: This is a powerful hilt that allows her to use light as an offensive and attacking weapon. The hilt is long and round and she forms light into different shapes to form different light weapons, such as a scythe, sword, or whip. It allows her to control and manipulate light efficiently with less energy and more precision.
Gadgets/Tech: Her choker collects and stores light so that if she is ever in darkness, she can find light. Her sunglasses protect her own eyes from her power’s abnormal brightness.

~Powers & Abilities~
She can manipulate light waves. It is mainly a defensive power, but becomes offensive with her weapon, the Lightbringer. She manipulates and bends light waves to cause bright flashes or strobes of light to blind/disorient her opponent. When she uses her weapon, however, it becomes offensive, because with the weapon she can manipulate it into highly concentrated shapes of different weapons, which can cut through anything. (Think of it as basically a light saber but in sword, scythe, whip form). She also can create a sort of light ball to carry if the location is somewhat dark.
Strengths: Her power is exceptional against multiple opponents as well as those who have any dark powers (especially during the day). With her weapon, it’s strength lies in one-on-one combat or against any obstacles in her path. Elidae mostly uses her power in defensive, and thus supporting, mode. She rarely uses her weapon.
Weaknesses: Though it can be useful against dark powers, if she is in an extremely dark place, that puts her at a disadvantage and can weaken her. Her choker only stores a certain amount of light and thus is only useful if she carefully uses the stored light in small amounts or in one big final move. Usually, she uses the stored light to create a light ball to help light her path, but it can backfire because it will show her opponent where she is. She also does not have a huge control over it in defense mode, so it might not work over a large area. Also, if she has a partner, it can affect them unless they wear a special pair of sunglasses.  

Fighting- 6
Hunting- 4
Running- 9
Swimming- 8
Climbing- 10
Strength- 5
Stamina- 9
Memory skills- 10
Medical knowledge- 9
Social skills- 6 (9 when at work)

Mother: Rosana Oriana Nightingale
Father: Carlo Fausto Nightingale
Siblings: 3
-Brother: Leonardo Romeo Nightingale
-Brother: Niccolo Enrico Nightingale
-Sister: Vanessa Marea Nightingale
Relationship Status: Single

Elidae was born into the Nightingales, the royal family of Andromeda. The Nightingale family specializes in black hole creation and other things like that. Elidae was born without the ability to do this, but with the ability to bend light. This caused a major upheaval in the household, causing her to become an outcast and the black sheep (or in this case, the white sheep) of the family. Her mother and father tried for a while to train her into the family’s magic, but they gave up once they came to terms that it was impossible. Elidae was cut off from her family’s lineage and prestige, allowing her to become who she wanted to be on her own terms. Soon thereafter, Elisabeth found her calling on Earth, where she helps people in need as a nurse for the Doctors Worldwide organization, which travels around the world to help those in need. She left them after a few years to join the red cross, but is now living in sunny California while working as a nurse in a few different hospitals.

~Extra Information~
She is blind in one eye (the pale one) and the result is the eye color and vein-like pattern on that side of her face. This occurred during an accident when she trained for the first time. (More details will be shared in RPs.)

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Re: Elisabeth Nightingale of the Andromeda Galaxy

Post by Aurora on Tue Jul 11, 2017 5:44 pm

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