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Sera Romanov of The Obsidian Galaxy

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Sera Romanov of The Obsidian Galaxy

Post by Aurora on Tue Jul 11, 2017 5:07 pm

Name: Sera Romanov

Star Name: Thyatira

Age: 20

Height: 5ft 6½

Race: Renict

Rank: Heir to the throne

Fighting- 10
Hunting- 4
Running- 6
Swimming- 8
Climbing- 9
Strength- 7
Stamina- 5
Memory skills- 9
Medical knowledge- 10
Social skills- 4

Mother- Aliyah Romanov
Father- Elizar Romanov
Siblings- Elijah Romanov
Spouse- None
Children- None

Abilities: She can shift the balance of the universe, rearrange the positions of the planets. The planets orbit, the meteors crash, and the comets stay on course because of her. This is an ability passed down throughout the women of the Romanov line.

Appearance: Her hair goes down to the middle of her back in natural, black and blue curls, her eyes are almond shaped with elegantly curved lashes and dark blue/green irises. She has black glasses to wear when reading text books, her lips are shaped like Cupid's bow and are naturally red. Her skin is a creamy color, with the occasional freckle, the arch in her back is fairly deep, and her curves flare out around her chest and hips, giving her an hourglass figure.

Personality: Sera is usually shy, preferring to stay inside with a good book or study rather than go out to a party like her friends do nearly everyday. When giving a presentation, she shows an aura of confidence like none other, hiding none of her knowledge from her peers. And when she falls in love, she gives her everything to whomever she fell for. But she has a violent streak, lashing out at those she doesn't agree with.

Bio: She was born into a fairly wealthy family in Moscow, Russia who loved her dearly. Her father gifted her a puppy on her first birthday and she, being a small child at that time, named the dog what her favorite thing to say had been, Snow. Throughout the years, she treated that dog as if he was her only friend, and, for awhile, he was. When she was seven, Snow developed a tumor in his stomach. It only took a year for it to kill him, and Sera grieved for years. She became ill soon after Snow died and was taken to the hospital. She died from grief there, though she was resuscitated. She stayed in the hospital for the next year until she finally began to come out of her "zombie" state. When spoken to, she would show more than grief in her responses and it slowly developed into her smiling and laughing soon after.

When she was 15, Sera volunteered at the local animal shelter and took care of the dogs that came in. She grieved each one they had to put down because no one would adopt them.

Her family moved to California when she was 16, and there she bloomed. She socialized more, even brought friends home, though she was still fairly shy. She got a job at the animal shelter after graduating early, soon getting accepted into the local university. Since then she's been studying for her doctorate degree in medicine in hopes it'll help her become a veterinarian so she can help prevent animals from dying like Snow did.

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Re: Sera Romanov of The Obsidian Galaxy

Post by hannbells1 on Tue Jul 11, 2017 5:46 pm

Accepted! Very Happy

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