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Information and backstory of the Viaxsi

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Information and backstory of the Viaxsi

Post by Aurora on Tue Jul 11, 2017 2:14 pm

First Male Viaxsi

First Female

The Viaxsi are immortal beings of untold power, destined to protect the source of all magic, The Realms. Since the beginning of time, they've spent all their lives fighting to keep the Lifeless out of their sacred home. If they failed, the Lifeless would spill into the Realms and kill it faster than a plague thus vanquishing all magic from every universe.

The Viaxsi have an old-time enemy called the Zicinarc, a 150ft tall beast with the ability to suck a Viaxsi's soul from its body. The Viaxsi keep it locked away in a dungeon of sorts, injecting a sedative into the beast each century.

Zicinarc original form

Zicinarc human form

Now for the information:

-Viaxsi are immortal and all powerful, only two things able to kill them.

-When a Viaxsi finds their soulmate, they're bonded only after the Viaxsi develops feelings.

-At first, when away from their soulmate, a Viaxsi will feel a sharp, painful tugging around their heart that seems to be trying to pull them back to their loved one.

-If their soulmate dies, the Viaxsi dies three years later but only if they've met, and fallenin love with them.

- If and when two Viaxsi want to have children, they can no matter if they're the same gender. For example, say two female Viaxsi were soulmates and they wanted children. One of the two would turn into a male so the baby could be conceived, and turn back after it was.

-Viaxsis have to have their mothers unlock their magic, which is based specifically around torture in any way, shape, or form. A viaxsi's first instinct when meeting an enemy is to torture them until they give them the necessary information.

-Upon having their magic unlocked, they go through trials that test their strength and knowledge on every subject. The trials can last at least a week, at most a month.

- A viaxsi can only have children with their soulmate or another Viaxsi.
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